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Vaulted Rhodonite

Vaulted Rhodonite

$100.00 AUD

Our Vaulted Range!

Out of the Vault come limited availability items that are no longer possible to get through our regular store. Whether they be limited run or special edition sets, or the very last sets from a run of one of our discontinued fonts, through the Vault is the only way to get your hands on some of these now super rare items. Browse through the range!


Rhodonite Semi-Precious Stone Dice

Rhodonite is an uncommon mineral, found in a few small deposits across the world, and best known for its rose-pink colour. Believed to be a healing stone, our Rhodonite dice is sure to assist the potency of your party’s healing spells!

All of our semi-precious stones are hand crafted from the actual gemstone, so each dice will be as nature created the stone and be truly unique. We suggest, if possible, to see our dice in person at one of your local conferences prior to ordering online to get a full appreciation for our dice. Check here to inspect our dice in person!

We recommend you do not roll your semi-precious stone dice on a surface harder than they (i.e. glass table) and suggest you roll them on a dice tray to prevent chipping your dice.

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