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* MTG Spin Down Aluminium

* MTG Spin Down Aluminium

$25.00 AUD$170.00 AUD

Spin-Down Aluminium Metal Dice

Life counters the precision way! Magic the Gathering Spin Downs! Choose from the standard 5 Magic colours, one of the solid coloured range, one of our unique oiled range or even one of our heavy metals. Each die has gone through the exact same precision cutting process all of our metal dice undergo, meaning each Spin Down that can also be used as a normal die. Sporting our Power of Three logo on the top, you will be sure to stand out at your next Sealed, two headed, GP or local shop game!

Our Current font for our Aluminium Spin Down Dice is Fantasy.


Crafted by ShenZhen TianZe Hardware Co. for Level Up Dice

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